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Private and personalised clinical supervision

As a team of experienced clinicians with specialist training, we provide individual clinical supervision sessions to support you in your work with clients. Our focus is on fostering a collaborative and supportive relationship, where you can explore your cases and any challenges you are facing and work together with your supervisor to develop strategies to address them.

We offer a safe and confidential environment for you to bring your case material, ideas, concerns, and difficulties, and engage in reflective practice. Our supervision approach is tailored to your specific needs, with a focus on skill development, linking research to practice, and exploring ethical issues. Our goal is to enhance your competence, confidence, and skills as a clinician, and to ensure that your work with clients is safe, ethical, and competent.

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Emotional Containment

A safe and supportive space for clinicians to discuss their work.

Enhancing Skills

Develop your skills and increase your confidence in clinical practice.

Safe & Competent

Ensure safe and ethical practice with client-centred care.

Understanding Development

xplore the impact of cognitive, developmental, and mental health conditions.

Strategies for Inclusivity

Learn strategies to promote inclusivity and reduce difficult behaviours.

Teacher-Child Relationship

Enhance teacher-child relationships and improve classroom.

Moi Clinic Supervision

Supporting you in providing safe and effective care

By clicking on the intake tab below you can express your interest in receiving supervisor. We’re here to support you in developing your professional skills and ensuring safe, ethical and competent clinical practice.

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About Moi Clinic

Your Safe Haven for family Mental health Support

At Moi Clinic, we believe that every individual deserves a safe haven for mental health support. Our experienced clinicians understand the importance of feeling a sense of belonging and work hard to create a welcoming, accessible, and caring space for vulnerable individuals. We strive to foster genuine therapeutic relationships with each of our clients, and to promote exploration and creativity as we support you on your journey towards personal growth.

What to expect

Here's what you can expect from our supervision service

You will have a confidential meeting with your supervisor either face-to-face or online/telephone. Sessions are 50 minutes long, and frequency is based on your needs. You will discuss case material, concerns, ideas, and difficulties.


Assessment & Discussion

During the initial session, our supervisor will assess your needs and discuss your supervision needs with you. Our supervisor will work with you to determine the frequency and length of your sessions, as well as the most appropriate mode of delivery, whether face-to-face, online or via telephone.


Regular Supervision

Our supervisor will work with you to explore case material, problem-solving, ethical issues and skill development, and will provide you with strategies for promoting inclusivity and reducing difficult behaviours. The aim of supervision is to ensure that your clinical practice or teaching is safe, ethical, and competent.


Ongoing Support & Growth

Our aim is to ensure that you feel supported throughout your professional journey, and that you are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to provide the best possible care to your clients or students. This may involve additional supervision sessions or access to training and development opportunities.


Frequently asked questions

Clinical supervision is a formal meeting between two people in designated roles that aims to support clinicians in their reflective practice, exploration of case material, problem-solving, ethical issues, and skill development. It is a valuable tool to ensure safe, ethical, and competent clinical practice.

In a supervision session, the supervisee will discuss their work and learning needs with their supervisor. They will bring case material, ideas, concerns, and any difficulties to sessions as a basis for discussion. The session will focus on the supervisee’s professional development and may include exploring ethical dilemmas, reviewing case material, and receiving feedback on practice.

The frequency of supervision will depend on the needs of the supervisee and can be discussed at the first phone contact or during the first session. Generally, supervision sessions are scheduled weekly or fortnightly, but the frequency may be adjusted as needed.

Yes, clinical supervision is confidential. All information shared between the supervisee and supervisor is confidential and will not be shared with others unless there is a legal or ethical obligation to do so.

Yes, online and telephone supervision is available for those in remote areas or with special needs. However, face-to-face supervision sessions are preferred as they provide a more personal and interactive experience.

Your supervisor will be a qualified and experienced clinician with specialist training in clinical supervision. We match you with a supervisor who has the appropriate experience and expertise to meet your specific needs.

Clinical supervision provides professional support, emotional containment, and a safe space to reflect on your work. It can enhance your confidence, competence, and skills as a clinician or teacher. It also ensures that your work with clients or students is safe, ethical, and competent.

Clinical supervision can help teachers increase their understanding of child development and cognitive, developmental, and mental health conditions that may impact children’s learning in the classroom. It provides an exploratory space where strategies can be provided that promote inclusivity of all children in the classroom and reduce difficult behaviors. Teachers can learn about new classroom strategies, classroom or environment presentation, and strategies to enhance teacher-child relationships.

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