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Supporting children's development & growth

At Moi Clinic in Rowville Victoria, we provide early intervention services to support children’s growth and development. Early intervention focusses on children under the age of seven who present with areas of delay in their development, including speech, gross motor, fine motor, and social and emotional development. We work with families and carers to address their concerns as early as possible to promote positive long-term outcomes for their child’s development.

Speech Development

Improving communication skills and language abilities.

Gross Motor Skills

Enhancing movement and coordination abilities.

Fine Motor Skills

Improving hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Social Skills

Improving interactions with peers and adults.

Emotional Development

Building resilience and coping skills.


Addressing challenging behaviors and improving self-regulation.

Early intervention at Moi Clinic in Rowville Victoria

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What to expect

Here's what you can expect from early intervention at moi clinic.

We understand that every child’s journey is unique. Each child’s practitioners and frequency of service will be tailored to their individual needs.


Assessment & Relationship Building

Our practitioners will conduct an assessment to identify your child's areas of delay and determine the best course of action.



Our practitioners will work with you and your child to address developmental concerns through individualized support and evidence-based interventions.


Continued Support & Growth

We provide ongoing support to ensure your child continues to make progress and reach their developmental milestones. We work closely with families to provide the best possible outcomes for their child's development.


Frequently asked questions

Early intervention is the process of providing support to children in their early years (under 7 years of age) to support their growth and development.

Early intervention can help with a variety of developmental concerns, including speech, gross motor, fine motor, and social and emotional development. Developmental and behavioral concerns such as sleep challenges, self-regulation difficulties, anger and stress management, eating problems can also be addressed. Early intervention wraps the child and family with a variety of specialized practitioners who work with each child, family and community services involved to set goals and provide strategies to address each child’s needs.

We recommend that children participate in early intervention services on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Yes, addressing developmental concerns as early as possible can promote positive long-term outcomes for your child’s development.

Yes, we provide parent sessions to support families in their child’s development.

We work with children under the age of seven who present with areas of delay in their development.

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Our team at Moi Clinic is dedicated to providing early intervention in order to improve long term outcomes for children,

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