How to contact us

03 8799 2611

Points of entry into Moi Clinic

Step 1

You can find your way into Moi Clinic services via several ways, from walking into the service, requesting a call via now our website enquire page, phoning Moi Clinic, or by forwarding a referral from your GP or specialist. You may not need a referral to attend Moi Clinic as this depends on which clinician you are seeing.

Step 2

Once you have made your initial enquiry, our reception staff will speak with you about what service or services you require. An appointment is booked for an initial assessment with a suitable clinician at a day and time which suits you.

Step 3

On your first visit an assessment will be taken. Following this your regular appointment time can be booked in. If coming to Moi Clinic for a specialist assessment, this can be organized for you.

Intake form

If you have already decided what service or services you require, please go to our request an intake tab, and complete the intake form. Once we receive this, we will contact you to confirm your request and book you in for your initial assessment.

    Frequently asked questions

    The cost of your service will depend on what service you are receiving and which clinician you are booked with. Moi Clinic offers a range of services, each having its own cost model.

    The fees will be explained to you at enquiry.

    All individual clinic sessions are for 50 minutes. Clinicians who provide sessions in the home, school and community will charge a travel to and from the session and these sessions are often for 90-120 minutes. If undergoing an assessment, the length of the session will also vary, please speak with your practitioner for more information.

    The number of sessions varies from person to person. At Moi Clinic we are interested in providing a safe space where we can explore what you need. You and your clinician can establish your goals at your first visit and review your goals as you progress through your treatment.