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A social group for adults using an art therapy modality

The program

Art and Community

Art therapy is offered to individuals of all ages and backgrounds seeking an alternative method of expressing and exploring their lived experiences. Art Therapy acknowledges that some of our experiences are hard to put into words. This is due to memories and embodied experiences being stored in the limbic system of our brains which can be accessed through images, colours, sounds, smells and movement. Creative art processes allow us to access new information and form new perspectives and meanings.

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Program Details

Date: Fridays

Time: 11 – 1.30


Open to the public and those under NDIS

The program

climb the vine to success

Creative Catch-Up is an arts-based therapy group designed for adults seeking connection and self-expression. Lead by our Arts Therapist, individuals are invited to engaged in a variety of artistic mediums while nurturing respectful relationships with fellow group members. The group promotes social and emotional wellbeing by catering to each individuals’ unique needs. The group aims to provide a safe and experimental space for creative expression and self-reflection.

  • Social Skills
  • Community Engagement
  • Friendships
  • Creative
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Inclusive Environment


Building a community

Through a carefully curated blend of activities, we aim to provide a safe place to make connections with others. Develop social skills and form friendships.

Skill Development

Developing a supportive social network within a safe space.


Express yourself through creative art activities provided by a trained art therapist

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The program is developed and run by a trained art therapist.

    The program runs from 11 – 1.30 on Friday mornings.

    This group is for between five and eight adults depending on their support needs in the group.

    Yes, this program is open to the public and those under NDIS, and can be charged to your NDIS plan.

    To enroll into the program please call reception or enquire below.

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